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~ A Gateway to Ethiopia’s Finest Coffees ~

Ethiopian Coffee Connexion (ECo-Co) is an affiliate of Co Qua Trading Pvt. Ltd. Co. in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Co Qua, with its name being derived from “Coffee Quality”, provides services to importers and roasters (the buyer) who are looking for quality green coffee beans from Ethiopia.

The services include identifying, sourcing and introducing the most suitable coffees from all major coffee growing areas throughout Ethiopia that meet the needs and requests of the buyer. The areas include Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Kaffa Jimma and Limmu. Moreover, Co Qua can also introduce to the buyer Specialty Coffees with 100% Traceability guaranteed back to the growers.

Co Qua was established by Ansha Yassin Suleiman and Moata Raya Abachabisa in 2016 after many years of experience working in the Coffee Industry in Ethiopia. Both Ansha and Moata are Q Arabica Graders certified by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and have worked with a nonprofit organisation called “TechnoServe” providing technical assistance and capacity development services to coffee growers within Ethiopia.

Possessing its own laboratory with cupping facilities, Co Qua checks the quality of coffees for the buyer. Co Qua also provides capacity building training to coffee growers both in its laboratory and on the growers’ premises.

ECo-Co and Co Qua look forward to introducing you to the most suitable green coffee beans from Ethiopia that will satisfy your requirements.

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Outline of Coffee Grading System in Ethiopia and of Specialty Coffee


Grading of Green Coffee Beans for Export

In Ethiopia, Green Coffee Beans are graded by a combination of two types of assessments, i.e. Raw Value (Physical Condition) assessment and Cup Quality Value (Cupping) assessment. The results of these assessments are put into a point system, in which the highest point is 100. The ratio in the assessments between the Raw Value and the Cup Quality Value is 40:60.

The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) currently (as of early 2018) defines 5 grades as Export Quality based on the points as listed below:

Grade Point
Grade 1 (G1) 85 or higher
Grade 2 (G2) 75 – 84
Grade 3 (G3) 63 – 74
Grade 4 (G4) 47 – 62
Grade 5 (G5) 31 – 46

* In the past, there were times when Export Quality Coffees were classified into 9 grades.

This process is called “Preliminary Assessment”.

Specialty Coffee

The Green Coffee Beans which have been graded as G1 and G2 in the Preliminary Assessment undergo a “Specialty Assessment” on cup quality for potential labelling as “Specialty Coffee”. There are ten factors listed below to be checked in this assessment with the highest score of each factor being 9.75, which makes the highest total score of the Specialty Assessment 97.50.

Fragrance Flavour After Taste Acidity Body
Uniformity Balance Clear Cup Sweetness Overall

Then, based on the total points/score of the Preliminary and Specialty Assessments, Specialty Coffee Grades are awarded to green coffee beans which have met the criteria as described in the table below:

Grade Grading Criteria
Preliminary Assessment Grade and Total Point Specialty Assessment based on Cup Quality Score
Q1 G1 and G2 with 80 or higher 85.00 or Higher
Q2 G1 and G2 80.00 – 84.75

However, the ECX has set out a strict condition for green coffee beans to be named Specialty Coffees. The condition is that no Primary Defects are allowed in the 350g of Green Coffee Beans assessed. This is a characteristic and crucial aspect of Ethiopia’s Specialty Coffees. There are five types of Primary Defects which are:

  • Full Black Bean
  • Full Sour Bean
  • Dried Cherry / Pod
  • Fungus Damaged Bean
  • Severe Insect Damaged Bean


G1 & G2 green coffee beans which do not conform to the criteria of Specialty Coffee, and G3, G4 & G5 green coffee beans are called “Commercial Coffee”.

The above information in sections “Grading of Green Coffee Beans for Export” and “Specialty Coffee” has been compiled by ECo-Co based on “ECX Coffee Contracts: September 2015”. The grading system changes from time to time. ECo-Co updates as required based on information provided by Co Qua which has regular and close contact with ECX.

Specialty Coffees and Co Qua Trading

Co Qua Trading can supply Specialty Coffees with specific Specialty Assessment (Cup Quality) scores as requested/specified by the buyer.

Coffee Growing Areas of Ethiopia

The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) currently (as of early 2018) divides the country into separate coffee growing areas as the map below shows:

Please click on the map to enlarge.
The map is provided by courtesy of TechnoServe.

Co Qua Trading and ECo-Co can introduce and/or supply green coffee beans that will satisfy the buyer’s specifications and requests from these coffee growing areas. (However, please note that a case may arise where we cannot fully satisfy the buyer’s requirements. In this circumstance, we will introduce to the buyer beans which characteristics are the closest to their specifications.)

How we work with/for the buyer depends on the buyer’s requirement and circumstances. Please feel free to contact us at with your enquiries.